The last posting emphasized landscapes. This evening I will do my best to transfer today's water scenes to 'paper' for you.

LUV the international loo sign! It's sorta a water scene….






But first….I spent several hours in one of the most wondrous museums I've ever been in though I do exclude The Smithsonian since I think it's more of a small city vs a museum! I covered about 1/4 of the New Zealand's national museum and enjoyed everything…. Fascinating country, amazing heritage! Ready to come back for the other 3/4 learning experience.

Just to prove I'm really here! This is taken from the top of the cable car stop and that's the Wellington harbour behind me. Also, that's my latest hat find :-)! Notice the Nike sneaks….I think I look appropriately touristic, eh?








On to the wet stuff….

Wellington harbour view from museum roof deck. Sorry for the reflections in the glass walls!
Harbour view from museum rooftop deck. Sorry for the glass wall reflections!

This afternoon I drove for a couple hours along the marine coastal drive which took me from the City Barbour through curving waterfront and into the surround communities fronting on the water. It was a stunning drive on a clear and windy day. BTW, Wellington is known as the windy city of NZ because it has so much wind but during my three days, I had very little of those ferocious blasts people have told me about.


This fella is flying along the water via his paraglider! Looks like great fun requiring massive amounts of strength! Oh well, not this trip!

Paraglide surfing...whizz ing across the surf,


I have lots more of the typical 'pounding surf' -if you would like to see more, just email me :-)!


OK, I couldn't help one little selfie – ice cold Stella, gorgeous day, brilliant blue-green sea and oh JOY!

Ehhhhh….and don't forget the fab new hat in hand since it blew off my head and nearly got drowned!



4 thoughts on “Waterscapes

  1. I am living your journey with you…
    thanks for the excellent descriptions and photogs…
    this is great! Can’t wait for next one…
    Travel is quite an education, huh?
    I can “feel” you exhuberence!
    NZ is on my bucket list, too.
    Appreciate the blog and sharing your experience.


  2. The harbor shots look great. Weather good, what more can you ask for. I love the hat but it hides your face but still I can recognize that skinny body! Jealous.

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