On the South Island Road….

Finally! I think I've got this blogging into my brain! Just amazing what reading the directions, carefully, will do for confidence! Now let's see if we can really get a posting into the blog with all fingers and toes intact!

Departing Wellington on the southern tip of the North Island…monster ferry takes me and my car…and vans and trucks and cattle trailers and sheep haulers and all manners of transport…to Picton on the South Island.

Fellow passengers …in truck steerage section, of course.

The sheepdog is sniffing out the other travelers.

A decent montage in this shot taken from the ferry deck…red boat speeding through waves, lovely older cliff-side homes overlooking Cook Strait which separates North Island from South Island and more amazing greenery.

On the road from the Picton down along the coast to Kaikoura which is another little Pacific coastal town where I'll spend the night. This is a panoramic and if you tap to enlarge, I hope you'll be able to get a small glimpse of the majesty of this land!

Seagull with attitude…

Actually, he was yawning and I caught him in this fun


Not sure if these are sea lions or seals…either way, they're wonderful to watch. There were hundreds of them, all along the drive. They hang out on the outcrops below the Coast Road so it's easy to see them from above.

The seals/sea lions are directly across this bay.

What a wonderful view for my next home…in my next life!



How nice is this star-gazing setup?!? There is virtually no light pollution to interfere with celestial viewing. And the property sits away from the general public….I did my usual and took to the back roads to find this spot. Met some interesting and enthusiast Kiwis.


The “boys” hanging out at the pub .



That large black blob on the right is Sushi the hairy pig (hog, I think). The other black creature is the black goat (above) whose name I don't remember.

These are alpacas. There are lots of these as well as llamas in NZ. Not sure why since I haven't seen any products or food made from them. They are nice to watch…very calming…nothing seems to rattle them.

These are some of the critters living on the acreage of the Kaikoura b&b I stayed in a few nights ago.

Think these black cows missed their turnoff!

Notice this is a one lane bridge…lots of these in NZ.




4 thoughts on “On the South Island Road….

  1. Really enjoying your adventures and the pictures, Ria. I think those were sea lions – they looked fairly large. Let us know when and if you get a confirmation of what they were. Great picture of the gull yawning – worth a painting, don’t you think?

  2. This chapter of your adventure is particularly fun…
    and thanks for the hint to click on the small pic to really get
    a feel for the magnitude of your vistas!
    Enjoy each moment!

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