I'm on the South Island which is the largest land mass among the many islands which constitute New Zealand. The entire country is very unique and I encourage you to learn about it by visiting No sense my adding such information here in case you're only interested in the pictures! Soooo, here are some more wonderful pix!

This is a panoramic so don't forget to tap (double tap?) to enlarge for better resolution/size. Check out those mountains!

I'm driving from Picton where the ferry lands on the South Island. Am headed south along the eastern side, sometimes near coast and sometimes more inland.

Now I'm headed southwesterly into the inland section to see the Southern Alps and other ranges that string through New Zealand.

I LOVE this photo! Look at those humongous mountains as backdrop for these delicate grasses!


This one doesn't look real but it sure is! Promise these are more of those incredible mountains!


Look what I found in the middle of nowhere…literally!!!

A 40×80 tent …and per a sign it's Scott and Penny Wedding!


This was near some ski resort up in the mountains. I stopped not far from this location and found out the deets….these farmers must be doing OK to afford the costs of this weddings!


Still in the country. I included this for the variety in the landscape…particularly interesting for landscape painters :-)!

Had to settle for this hotel room – not tough duty! I'm winging it – during high season, no less – and finding accommodations is proving interesting and occasionally challenging but it's all working out very well.


View from my room overlooking Cathedral Square which is essentially a wreck, even three years after the quake. This must have been unimaginably terrifying for the city! Everything gone in a blink! And the loss was so extensive they still have years of reconstruction. What resilience and determination!




2 thoughts on “Next!

  1. Your narrative and those pictures, esp the “click for panorama” ones…
    I’m living vicariously…
    wish I were there with you….
    thanks for taking the time and including us on your journey..
    are you using a special camera?
    My guess is “no” and that all your art training is guiding you eye..
    you’ve captured the feeling of the scenery so well..
    thank you…


  2. Oh my these are beautiful pics! The variety of scenery is amazing. Yes, your accommodations look great. Of all things to find a tent in the middle of nowhere. I believe it was a welcome sign to Ria!

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