From Christchurch, I take the Trans Alpine Kiwi Rail

Nothing much happened in ChCh and I mean n-o-thing! So I jumped on the TransAlpine Kiwi Rail which traverses from ChCh northwesterly through Arthur's Pass on to Greymouth (pronounced exactly as you see it …grey-mouth…ugly thought) which is on the Tasman Sea on the west side of New Zealand. I did a round trip, leaving at 8:15a and returning to ChCh around 6:15p. Excellent trip! Here are some of the photos from that trip. Of course, most of these shots are taken through the train window and you'll see some reflections in the pix.







So, it occurs to me I am not Ansel Adams and I probably should apologize for boring you! However, it's your choice to view or not so it's not my fault if you fell asleep during this blog! Thanks for hanging in there!


NZ is big sky/big scenes country and puny pix don't reproduce anything close to the majesty of it all! What a wonderful trip this is and I wish this adventure for all of you!


Next posting will be about the flight over the mountains and glaciers…awesome!



3 thoughts on “From Christchurch, I take the Trans Alpine Kiwi Rail

  1. Ria, I for one, am NOT bored! Your blog is great and pictures too… It is hard to capture grand expanses, but I think you are doing great! Love the details too… like the chicken or whatever that yawning bird was… seagull?

    Keep going… love the artsy, personal and geo comments….
    Thanks for sharing your adventure….


  2. Absolutely breathtaking! The landscape seems to be a combination of California, Lake Louise, Ireland, and Montana all rolled into one. Great blog! Mike wants to know what you are doing at night??? I told him you were resting up from all the day travel. Have fun. Breda

    1. You’re right about variety if scenery – it is breath-taking at nearly every turn. Since I haven’t seen enough of CA and MO (that the right abbrev?) and never been to Lake Louise or Ireland, I guess I’ll just have to add those trips to my bucket list so I can do proper research comparisons :-)!

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