Dunedin LUV!

I’m having a “Lucy and Ethel” moment! Actually, it’s been going on for 24 hours…trying to post my Dunedin blog which had 49 pix in it. Well, the app refused to load it/publish it so I had to renew my conversation with the developer, Lance Burton….nice fellow – we’ve become ‘close’ these last couple weeks. Apparently, I found a way to kinda mess up the system with too many pix from the bleeping iPad!
So the following is a portion of the original post with the balance to follow – I hope!
Today, I got out of the car (loaner putt putt) and walked all day. In fact, the car was in the parking garage for 8 hours! Had a fantastic day with lots of sunshine till late afternoon and many fun explorations. I’m really enjoying the architecture – along with everything else – of this beautiful city.


Poor Robert Burns …so patient as the birds sit and sh** on his lovely head. Wonder if he was really that handsome?






This is the wonderful train station in Dunedin!

Specifics as follows:

Full shot,

detail shot,

flowers in front,

side detail,

more flowers (rose hips),

Cadbury chocolate plant across from station,

Plaque to memory of fallen in WWI,

Tiled stairs,

Interior pix and

Station platform.

There was a terrific local artists show on the second floor. Found a fav new artist and got some prints of her work!




7 thoughts on “Dunedin LUV!

  1. From the news maps, appears he quake was east of Rome…. And you are north and west///. I think……. Looking for news that all is well where you are. Maybe commnction is slower with all the quake activity in Italy…. Waitin o exhale.

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