Dunedin NZ…. L-O-V-E

Today, I got out of the car (loaner putt putt) and walked all day. In fact, the car was in the parking garage for 8 hours! Had a fantastic day with lots of sunshine till late afternoon and many fun explorations. I'm really enjoying the architecture – along with everything else – of this beautiful city.

Poor Robert Burns …so patient as the birds sit and sh** on his lovely head. Wonder if he was really that handsome?

This is the wonderful train station in Dunedin!

Specifics as follows:

Full shot,

detail shot,

flowers in front,

side detail,

more flowers (rose hips),

Cadbury chocolate plant across from station,

Plaque to memory of fallen in WWI,

Tiled stairs,

Interior pix and

Station platform.


There was a terrific local artists show on the second floor. Found a fav new artist and got some prints of her work!


These above two are pix of the Dunedin Boys High School! And it's a public school!!! What fantastic architecture! Again, can't you see this from across the chilly moors and the wind swept bogs?

Above is scene from my apartment deck out toward the bay. It's cloudy now and reminiscent of my impression of Scotland – not been there….yet!


In fact, the locals refer to Dunedin as the Scotland of New Zealand. I think the architecture you've seen above is certainly apropos of any member of United Kingdom including Scotland.

Flowers behind my apartment! They are huge! Don't think it ever freezes here so everything gets a big does of sunshine.


The fuscia (below) are ginormous – big as an apricot! They're more like giant bushes versus those little annual plants we get to try and grow, without much success – at least I my case 🙂

More pix taken this afternoon from apartment deck.


The food is from my forays through country visiting fruit stands…very, very fresh cherries, apricots, peaches and apple. Plus gift of Manauka Honey from new friends in Auckland and my own find …organic almond and peanut butter….fab on my toasted crumpets.


BTW….every apartment or b&b I've visited has electric water kettle and coffee press so of course I'm carrying around my own “plunger” coffees (hi-test & decaf) which I purchased at the New World supermarket in Wellington. Toasters are also supplied! They are regular big ones – not some little cutesy things – and they mostly work great.


Picture of human-interest photographer taking photo of statue photographer :-). She had the right idea…that dude's coif grabbed the ATTENTION!


Seriously? This is the “traffic” cam on a Dunedin Wednesday workday morning! This is a fairy tale compared to insanity of ATL…. or even worse, the bedlam of DC!


A few more shots from apartment deck…sun came out with wondrous results – a rainbow!




These colors are so warm and soft with just that little tick of red at the bottom….couldn't this be from a medieval paintng?


OK, that's all folks!



5 thoughts on “Dunedin NZ…. L-O-V-E

  1. We really needed these pics of sunny skies and flowers…
    brrrr in most places in the US right now. That trainstation is amazing…. inside and out…. your artist eye caught those beautiful steps…. I agree with Loretto… my favorite day of pics. Love the personal touches in teh pics and blog…. met any fun Aussie’s yet?

  2. Dear Hi. So glad you took that leap of faith and set off on your amazing journey.
    I’m loving your blog. Actually first one I have followed! Being half Scottish, Scotland is my favourite country in the world and some of your photos are very reminiscence of that beautiful place. That honey you were given costs a fortune here so enjoy it on your crumpets. Got an e-mail from Roberto (Bob) attaching 3 painting he did when we were in Venice. They are terrific and there is a cracking one of you. He may have sent them to you. Sheila gave him my e-mail address.
    God Bless Ria.
    Love Alison x

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