Impressions and random thoughts :


There are no squirrels – no tree rats to eat the bird food or add to the road kills.


Their English is very different from mine. For example, I say' power' but today a lady said 'pear' when referring to an electric generating plant! Had some good laughs over what I thought people said and what was actual.


Their proper English speakers also sound unfamiliar…. Today our tour guide said 'shof fewer' and she was referring to the person that drives the car!


Virtually no insects except flies – and few of those! Only one place I've visited has had screens but only on windows. Customary to leave keep windows and doors open all the time.


I'm told there are mosquitoes but they're few and far between because I haven't seen one! Hallelujah!


They drive on the left side! That makes for strange turns!


The GPS system I rented gets lost regularly so I no longer trust the wench. Why would this be allowed? Does every Kiwi know every road? Granted there aren't that many – roads or Kiwis!


Their “walk” signs emit noises when it's ok to cross the street.


Bicycles are very popular here…. Lots of bike lanes and signs about sharing the road. They're even pedalling in the mountains which makes for interesting cornering when you consider there may be a bike going in the same direction on the inside edge of the next curve!!


In a pub, when you're finished with your meal, you don't get a bill… You walk up to the bar and pay there… Somehow they know what you've had!


Kiwis, so far during my 17 days here, have presented themselves as the most kind, considerate, patient, generous, hospitable people I've had the pleasure to meet. Way too many examples to include…. From little things to big ones – every time they've exceeded expectations to extreme! This isn't meant to say everything has been perfect here though the people are soooo pleasant its near impossible to be critical.


Toilets are strange things here. Firstly (must be proper English word, that), the thing itself always has a huge water tank but you have to choose one of two options to get it to flush. There are no instruction soooo you're on your own!


Then there are the unisex loos but they don't always tell you that… Allows did unique encounters!


Their bakeries are for more than sweets… More like tiny cafes . I get the impression they're more for light meals and you decide if you want a sweet meal or savoury.


Paper products are very dear! Only once was I provided with paper towels in these b&bs or apartments. And the napkins you get with meals… Iddy biddy.


Omg….. Hikers and more hikers and hitch hikers! It's like the 60s!!!! They're even wearing flower garlands in their hair!


Not sure but I've heard there are no longer 'ugly Americans'! We've been replaced by the next wave of obnoxious newly rich, the Asians!

From my limited experience, it looks like the Kiwis have got the patience to deal with whatever comes their way!


Don't see as many birds here though I'm trying hard. Lots of sea birds. Sparrows made it here… Guess they came over in cages as song birds.


Roads, though generally only two lane, are excellent! They're well maintained and properly banked!


Food? Hhh mmmmm…. Unusual for us, of course. Ordered an Angus beef burger with cheese …. Got bun, sauteed onions, slivers of tomato, burger, two slices mystery cheese, and …..bacon! Ok, i can deal with this! Tonight I ordered ceasar salad with salmon;. I get a few bits of greens soaked in dressing and a side of three small romaine leaves. In the middle of this is a poached sitting on smoked salmon and bacon! What's with the bacon!?!? They don't need Mickey Ds …. All that bacon will take of their healthy biking hearts!


Once again and certainly not the last time, the landscape is spectacular, hands down, no contest! Jaw dropping at every turn, every rise! Soooo happy the Kiwis recognise what they have!



3 thoughts on “Pastiche

  1. Well, once again THIS is my favorite entry! You packed a lot into each sentence…. loved the personal insight. And, it dawned on me…… I better get to NZ… or at least a map… I think I commented about meeting any fun “AUSSIE” people….. Yikes, my apologies.. you aren’t in Australia… “down there” but not in Australia. It all sound so wonderful… what an adventure…. Happy Travels…
    enjoy…. go “Feel the pulse of the people” ( and report back of course!)…

  2. New Zealand sounds so much like Ireland with the friendly people, driving on the left, pubs without pay tickets, road maps that never lead anywhere, bicycles, and lack of paper products. The Irish also love the bacon. I will bet they are not grain fed! What about crime in New Zealand?? So glad you are having a wonderful time. Love the blog!

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