These are for my flower lovers and gardening buddies.

There are some very talented gardeners here; guess they get it from their United Kingdom heritage. I've been taking pix of lots of flowers and this is my op to share some with you.

Though this is a tame blog with ho-hum potential for some, do not be discouraged; I have some very interesting posts coming up…as soon as I figure out how to post videos! Plus there are several boat adventures including the overnight trip to mystical, magical Doubtful Sound (fjord) last night.


Tip: if you'd like to enlarge a photo, please double click on it.


Huge willow

Is this not the cutest mushroom?!?!



This is a japonica leaf and it is the size of a small tire!

Above is a deep red rhodie! And it's blooming along with all the other Summer flowers!

This is very tall and looks like an okra plant – don't know proper name. We have them at home but never seen one this huge.



2 thoughts on “Flora…mostly

  1. The japonica leaf…I have seen these at the Botanical Gardens here in Atlanta. I love all the pics, especially the huge willow tree and the blue flowers. Wow…some real painting material!

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