Quick one: New Zealand’s Finest greet me with….


What did I do, Officer Cutie!? 'Unsafe passing manoeuvre' (NZ spelling….glad that last word was never in one of my spelling bees). My passing two other vehicles on the usual two-lane road was not witnessed by the officer but the obsessed other driver spied the police and stopped to complain vehemently about me, I gather. And so officer 'cutie' took off after me in hot pursuit. And no I was not speeding, at least not when I passed him sitting on the side of the road.


I gave my side of the situation then he went back to talk to the other driver who had followed him to witness my capture and see that justice was done! I did not prevail and though I could go to court to argue my innocence, I'll just pay the $150 NZD ($123.75 US) and count myself fortunate I'm not in more trouble or spending any time in court.


Shall I regard this in my nearly perfect driving record? Are international (driving) incidents included in count of tickets? LOL!!!!


AND I got breathalyzer – it's required with every traffic stop! My first!


Now I'm relaxing in a lovely, tres-chic tapas bar on the wharf in Queenstown having moved my gear into my beautiful b&b up on the hill (it's all hill here). Adele (followed by Lou Rawls and the like) playing on the Pandora station (seems all places use Pandora). Officer Cutie is now a distant memory.

The guest lounge of b&b…..:-)


Am hoping to go paragliding tomorrow or Tuesday (weather permitting) plus jet boating will also be done here! Very excited and looking forward to some wild activity!….other than 'unsafe passing maneuvers'


Stand by…..



3 thoughts on “Quick one: New Zealand’s Finest greet me with….

  1. What? no picture of officer cutie?
    That was a head shaking story? Really? Is that normal activity from a local?
    A breathalizer test? another adventure….
    so that was a fun story…
    but the flower pictures were a blessing to us up here with this silly cold winter!
    thanks for the breathe of Spring!
    and that B & B view….
    omg!!! How do you find these great places!!
    Again…. “Wish I were there with you”!!!

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