Update – kinda!

I am getting jaded… can't be any more jaw dropping scenery but there is, at nearly every turn there's something unique or more gorgeous than another. I don't see how a land can be this beautiful, in soooo many different ways! From the brooding coasts on an overcast day to fields of little yellow flowers glowing in the strong Southern Hemisphere summer sun to the pastures dotted with round fluffy sheep and lambs and cows of every ilk and elegant deer and goats to the mystical green/green/green rain forests to the alpine peaks covered in snow with their sharply defined valleys and glaciers to the lakes in so many variations of blue (azure, teal, aquamarine, milky baby blue, indigo ++) to the Pacific coasts along the eastern shores to the Tasman Sea pounding surf along the west side to the fjords that are fingers reaching into the wilderness mountains…. And that's just the South Island!


It's been a very busy trek since my last post. Overnight sea safari To Doubtful Sound; steam ship trip in Queenstown; Shotover Jet Boat ride; hot air balloon and champagne breakfast; tandem paragliding off a mountain plus some serendipity with several fantastic b&b's. I'd dearly love to share details and photos with you now but the internet service out here on sparsely populated west coast is abysmally limited.

Rental car…my next adventure 🙂

And I've only got a few more minutes before I need to get on the road for a long days drive to Nelson where I'll be for two nights….. Maybe I'll have more internet and time there to share some pix!


Queenstown 'aerial' from gondola…was there for three days – left three nights ago.



2 thoughts on “Update – kinda!

  1. Looks like the trip of a lifetime. You missed awesome snow and ice. Children stranded in schools and on busses overnight. Cars and trucks stranded for days all over Atlanta!

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