The Boot in Tasman

I'm skipping around because of the internet service dirth as well as my lack of patience with the download time.

Had an easy pleasant journey of about 6 hours today (Saturday here…think it may be Friday in US). Took my time with many stops for pix and short walks and refreshments. Wait till you see my abode for the next two nights here in Tasman.

I'm on the grounds of a private garden in this amazing unique fun creation, The Boot.

Exterior is mostly formed concrete, I think.


The 'sole' of the boot provides a patio garden wall though there's nothing else here except The Boot.


The little patio with fireplace, umbrella table, BBQ grill and front door.


Partials (pix above and next two below) of the living room and circular stairs to bedroom…notice the curved walls – of course, the walls are curved…that's how the interior of a boot is, yes? And that door leads to bath.





Above is bedroom…simple and comfy. My dressing gown is what's laying on the bed. I'm just wondering about that nighttime trek to the loo….down those circular stairs. See next pic!!!



Would you believe I have found the land of the ultimate greenie?!? The following is a composting commode!!! Yep, do your thing then add a scoop of saw dust. No odor and mess, nada problem as far as I can tell.

My tall cuz with the arthritic knees would love this height…and that wooden step is not for children – that commode is very tall! Such an adventure I'm on…LOL!



And yes, it does have modern conveniences like a lovely double shower for me, myself and I 🙂

Sorry to say the internet service is puny here so not sure if I can get posts with pix out in the next day or so unless I find a wifi somewhere.








4 thoughts on “The Boot in Tasman

  1. You certainly are havin’ an adventure, but so are all of us….
    this is great fun ..
    and while you were off line, I had withdrawal pangs…
    fabulous trip…
    fabulous blog..
    thanks for sharing…

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