West Coast, Cape Foulwind….no, it did not fit the name!

What an exquisite retreat! On a cliff above the ocean with that pounding surf and gardens galore with flowers to make me blue-green with envy!

And my lovely hosts, Pauline and Bruce, suggested I join them at the local tavern for dinner and Friday night social….so very glad I did. Talked to lots of locals and in particular, Janette…..what a hoot that big buxom, blonde divorcee is! We hit it off and had a ball talking trash :-). And of course a few of the local males took a small interest in the newbie. There was that one particular charming fella with whom I enjoyed some conversation…it was just those missing teeth that captured most of my attention! Bless his kind heart!



A few pix of the Steeples' B&B grounds and the vistas…

Wild looking moth in my studio last night (two nights ago…Internet so bad on The Boot grounds I couldn't send this post as planned). Has about 3″ wing spread! Perfect camo for natural wood and nice complement to the chartreuse paint.



OMG! Look at that expression… He must be a poet with angst!

I think it's a German (Russian?) mastiff. BIG sweet dog who comes to the saloon to visit with the patrons.


This is the evening sky as I left the saloon…alone!



5 thoughts on “West Coast, Cape Foulwind….no, it did not fit the name!

  1. Fab photos again, I bet the locals you met at the Tavern will be talking about you for months. (In a nice way, of course) Glad you had the opportunity to have a good old chat and laugh. You blog is really great and I am truly not envious even though temperature plummeted and my central heating decided to go on strike. and there are lots of floods in UK, Fortunately not here in North West. Hell, I am not jealous one bit!
    Keep having fun make the most of it. Take care

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