This and that….

Stray thoughts on what's caught my attention – sometimes for short periods, sometimes longer.

They're still driving on the left side of the road but they're not consistent about how they walk on sidewalks. I figured they'd walk on left since they drive that way but not true.


The faucets often are divided- hot on left and cold on right. However, when there's a single faucet/single lever, it's a guessing game as to which way the hot will come from – truly befuddling.


Overtaking vehicles expect you to pull over asap to allow them to pass otherwise you'll think they're in your trunk they're tailing you so closely!


Light switches are unique in that to turn on you flip the toggle to what I consider the down position which would seem to be the off position.


And all the electric outlets have a power toggle switch to control them.


Apparently USA electric toothbrushes won't charge here….not using converter or adapter!


They're not big on tissues even in the nicest places! And my nose has been flowing since I got here. I know….. TMI!


They LOVE muesli for brekkie (yep, that's what they call breakfast when they're being casual). Some of it tastes like cardboard but some is outstanding! I got the recipe for the good stuff!


Strange…. They leave windows and doors open without screens and the horse flies and bees and whatever come in but so does the incredible breeze and cool air. Lovely! The horse flies don't bite and neither do the bees… They're just noisy! Very, very few mosquitoes and the biting tiny sand flies are not evident in all parts of NZ. Not sure where they're prevalent but I'm sure glad they're not here in central part of North Island!


The Kiwis are rugby crazy – much like our football fans. They call our football 'gridiron'.


They're also bike crazy…. Pedal, scooter and motor! Even saw three recumbent bikers in a line going up the mountain on the other side. Strangely, there was no flag to help motorists see them!


Been driving a great deal here and for the most part, the drivers seem very competent. Hard to screw up too badly on two lane roads except the visitors who don't know how to corner curves… Way to much brake action!


Northern portion of South Island was nearly devoid of Asian hordes the way they took over other sections of the island. It's very beautiful in northern portion so I don't know why it isn't popular with groups. Not as much 'flash' as other parts with their adventure/extreme sports.


They have the possum (not opossum) which is an introduced animal brought in to control the introduced rabbits. Unfortunately the possum has not bothered with the speedy/wiley rabbit – they've gone after the flightless birds unique to NZ and the eggs/chicks of these native birds. The govt offers bounties on the possum which isn't much like our opossum in looks (actually cute I think) or pelt. Their pelts are soft and luxurious and they use the wool with merino to make a fantastic warm, water repellant material.


Coffee ordering is a learned event for me … For example, flat white, cappuccino, mocha, black, how many shots, American, latte and others I don't recall. I'm to the point am having flat white with extra shot.


Loads of thoroughbreds along with the farm animals… Really beautiful horses plus today I saw what look like the prototype for the pink pony fad! Adorable!




Tonight's marvelous b&b find! Gorgeous home, grounds, garden, cottage por moi!









One thought on “This and that….

  1. Brekki?? What do they say for Lunch…lunchie! The pics are beautiful, especially the blue in the hydrangea. I hope you are keeping up with the great B&B’s. Scenery is still gorgeous… miss you.

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