North Island…more magic!


For housing, I've been winging it and been really fortunate to stay in very nice places. This posting about is just one more example of the quality many of these B&Bs exhibit… Very proud and hard working to provide outstanding accommodations! And I'm so very lucky to enjoy their hard work!


This facility is absolutely in the middle of no where! I'd been driving all day and had reached the point of near meanness…gotta camp soon! I stopped in this teeny weeny village and had little hope of finding someplace nice to stay. Lo! Check out this… It's up in the hills wilderness on about 5 acres – 2.5ac are some incredible gardens and the other half are a cricket field!


The actual studio was soooo simply, artfully, quality improved and decorated! Absolutely jaw dropping beautiful with the gardens, spa, pool in the background! I wanted to stay for a month! Though there wasn't a spectacular view to see or crashing waves to hear such as many others, I think it may be in a tie with the first place I stayed, Ascot-Parnell in Auckland which is where I'll be spending my last two nights!

That's a fountain with a soft burble from the top of the ball.


Clever…ferns growing out of railing.


She, Melena, hires out the facilities for one wedding per month. Must be the most beautiful weddings!






2 thoughts on “North Island…more magic!

  1. Is the purple flower, Scottish thistle or is it an artichoke plant? Interesting. Please tell me you are recording these wonderful places for your friends when we go on the journey to NZ!

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