Saturday night in Auckland

One more night in NZ… Arrived Auckland this afternoon. Joined my hostess for walk with their two Salukis (Persian long hair greyhounds)… Gorgeous dogs! . Lovely day and especially welcome after last two rainy, cloudy days!


Am now sitting in a tavern in Auckland, New Zealand listening to Mavericks and watching my first rugby match on gigundo TV. And the game was Spain vs USA …. We beat the mud outta them!


I say forget gridiron! Yah! Rugby!!!! Great game with lots of action but not nearly as brutal as our football! Well…. Lemme give that a bit more thought! That guy just got his clock cleaned and I think it was legal.

BTW, Kenya won the Wellington Bowls…and it's raining in Wellie! Hope they keep it down there!



These are photos from last night B&B which was really nice with fantastic view except not so much in yesterday's rain and low hanging clouds. I caught the outstanding surroundings as the sun rose over the 10 acres sitting on a hill top overlooking the Bay of Islands!

Money Penny, the hen who likes people and 'talks' a lot 🙂


So, I drove the 5 hours to Auckland this afternoon and it was a bitter sweet trip….ready to get out of the car but not ready to leave the Kiwis. Winding it all down in prep for Monday's flight home. I've got to pull all my disparate thoughts together because I have fallen in love with this country.

….and back to the Rugby – the next match is Canada vs Aussies and the record for these particular matches is 33 to Aussies and 3 to Canuks! Eeeeooouuuu, this could be uuuuugggly! Aussies are bold for sure…they are wearing all yellow and look like a flock of canaries!





6 thoughts on “Saturday night in Auckland

  1. Hope you have a good flight home. What a wonderful time you have had.
    You are a shining example to all of us now on own through various reasons.
    Get off our buts (getting the hang of Americanisms) and go for it. Well done with the blog it was great.

  2. WOw… you sure know how to find the BEST places to stay!!! Outstanding .. each one was better than the last! I bet you have mixed feelings about leaving… what a grand experience you are having….. Well done, friend, well done!

  3. My cousins in England and Ireland played rugby. Could not understand all the equipment the Americans wore in football??? Actually, there are rugby teams in America (in new England and around the DC area. Time to come home. We miss you.

  4. Football – a game for gentlemen played by ruffians.
    Rugby – a game for ruffians played by gentlemen.

    Or as the gentlemen say, “Give blood. Play RUGBY!”

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