And the adventure begins!!!!!

Departure from ATL was delayed 45 minutes to 7:45pm but over the 10 hour flight the pilots put the pedal to the metal and we arrived on time, 10:50am, in Rome. 

The flight was perfect.  Gee and why not….250,000 FF points for RT biz class?!? Worth every bit of the price!  Look at my own comfy “bedroom”! Great night’s rest and good food too! 

My Delta 240 bedroom!

    First sight of Italian coast and coming in for landing.

No problem at the da Vinci airport with luggage or passport control, just a bit of a que.  
The fun began when my leased car transport wasn’t in sight at the terminal exit. Two hours later we finally connected! According to the agent I spoke to using a borrowed phone since I didn’t have my Italian cell service yet …I was supposed to call them when I arrived.   Silly me – the contract said they would meet me since they had the flight info on the contract.  I should never have assumed they would be so efficient as to follow the contract directions! Excellent lesson to begin my adventure… Never assume Italian efficiency.  OTOH, I got to do a lot of people watching at the airport ☺!
And THEN, look what was waiting for me at the agency…..CHERRY RED Citroen C3 Picasso, manual diesel! My fav color and I didn’t even ask! I’m living right!  Major pep, plenty of get up and go and so much fun tho drive!!!!  I’m in love so I may have to adopt this and bring it home!


My Citroen

Three hour easy drive for arrival in Siena, Thursday, May 28.  Parked the car at the garage at the bottom of the very very steep hill.  I now know first hand the meaning of  Tuscan Hill Towns. I walked 150 meters (felt like it was a vertical climb) with just my small bag then took 4 or 5 escalators up to the main plaza and my apartment.  I got a taxi to take me back to the garage to pick up my big suitcase… No way I could have gotten that suitcase up that first hill to the escalators…. Where there’s a will, I’ll find a way ☺!

Got checked into my apartment in a wonderful old “palazzo”; picked up my remaining suitcase with the assist of the taxi; found the TIM store and got my Italian cell and data service so the phone and the iPad are now functional; got terribly lost in the little alleys and streets trying to find the great restaurant recommended by the taxi driver. 

   Palazzo Publico, according to Wikipedia, this Gothic palace was constructed in 1297.  Its original purpose was to house the republican government consisting of the Podesta and the Council of Nine. Today it is the Townhall and it houses the civic museum with frescoes.  It is located on the Piazza del Campo where The Palio horse race is held twice a year.  My apartment is in the building just behind the Piazza…great location!

This photo is one of the benefits of getting lost in Siena!

 I dined – early for the Italians (7:30), and after again wandering in circles, finally got back to my apartment.  It’s 9pm and I’m too exhausted to sleep so let’s do laundry! Scrub-a-dub with a super jumbo Ziploc and a bit of soap… Amazingly effective!


View from my Siena apartment. Just the swift birds flitting about and me up at 5:30am

I hope this first post from Italy looks ok.  The software and the iPad seem to be at odds but maybe it has something to do with the user struggling with a bit of jet lag.  I’ll work on that. 


Bacci e abbracci (the classic Italian expression according to my new friend David)


11 thoughts on “And the adventure begins!!!!!

  1. Oh how I Love Siena. The architecture is amazing. How the heck did they get all the building materials up that hill? Keep us posted Love love the car

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Ria… .Bacci e abbracci . (Is that appropriate for a morning greeting?
    thanks for including me. I am off on the Italian adventure with you!! Your talent for writing is very effective and really tells your story. Loved the whole beginnning chapter. I too splurged for Business on my recent trip….. worth every penny/mile is soo true… made it so easy! Enjoy! and don’t forget to add all the personal reflections to the travel log!
    Jealous, CB

  3. Love the ziplock washing machine. Can’t wait to read more. I’ll pump you for details about the iphone/ipad cards when you get home.

  4. Beautiful pics and what a car!! I love the the piazza in Siena, it is very charming and unique. You ziplock wash is very clever! Keep the posts coming!

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