hill and ….

Laura L. and my class biddies (oh wait! that was “buddies”) : love the wall texture on left and the light and perspective beyond!  Great challenges for me….Can’t wait to paint!


  Whaddaya think? Find the real windows. Not great trompe l’oeil  but a good idea none the less.

Piazza del Campo, the piazza behind my apt.  Read that some important person called it the the most beautiful piazza in Italy.  Hmmmm, and where does San Marco rate?  Really like this piazza but….not like SM! ‘Course this is waaay less crowded and less pricey!

OK, it is picturesque, true! which is why it’s here…again!  And you’ll get to see it a few more times I’m sure.

Is this classic or what!?!  Sorry this isn’t a video then you could hear in the distance the drummers pouding the beat to practice for The Palio!  Very cool!

Painter pals…check out those clouds!  Killer! 


Noooo, I do Not covet this chair but I do want to meet the designer and or the buyer!  What fun! What balls!? Whaaatttt!?????


Luv these walkways!  Imagine your home expands across the lane!  Well of course we just enlarge our home a bit with the addition of an enclosed  walk over!  Gets my vote!
And sure, they’re great photo opps!

At home we have the moss growing on the north side of trees. Here they have full blown bushes growing on the north side!  

Look closely at the section below the “garden” ….no idea what the two vertical thingies are on this very historic structure.  I’m pretty sure they’re not speakers to implement the call to pray but if Ireland can vote for same sex unions the maybe italy us willing to share the audio equipment.

Whoa! Ask and ye shall receive…bell just “rang” but the bell didn’t move so, yep, those vertical things must be speakers for the recorded bell sound.  Duh…no need for le bell ringer who retired fifty years ago!!


6 thoughts on “Neeeeexxt!

  1. Awesome start of summer Ria!!!!! LOOOOVE the photos….I spy with my little eye some future paintings:)))) Keep it up. we will miss you in class tomorrow.:)) LL

  2. You are making me droll! Talk about eye candy! What an amazing adventure, and you have just gotten started. Thanks for bringing me along.

  3. Can’t wait to hear and see more of your adventures. I remember my first trip to Rome even the taxi driver couldn’t find our hotel with all the winding streets. So if a local gets lost . . . it must just be part of a normal day for them too.

  4. Okay…. what is the deal on the clothes in the plastic bag to wash…gotta know that one!
    and 2nd… are you going to be painting on your own …. or are you in class?

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