Saturday in Siena, Italy

Palette painted on back of suitcase


Front pocket

I forgot to show you my painted suitcase!  My friend, Virginia, painted her suitcase with a gorgeous pear which I think is a very good idea and thus I copied her idea.  Certainly makes the suitcase stand out in the jumble of luggage on the carousel….and there was a mass of trunks!

   These three pix are what happened this morning below my apartment.  These are members of one of the 17 neighborhoods or contradas in Siena with long-standing rivalries.  Twice a year the contradas compete in The Palio, a bareback horse race around the circumference of Il Campo.  A most fierce contest, I’m told.  There’s plenty of pagentry include the flag throwers, the drums, the standard bearers and more ….probably dancing girls if Berlisconi had his way! The next contest isn’t till July but I’ve been hearing the drummers practicing in every part of town I’ve entered so I guess these fellas were struttin their stuff this morning for practice and to impress the gaggle of tourists in town.

Speaking of my apartment, it seems I may have rented an apartment in Siena’s equivalent of uptown Buckhead.  Not only are the very chic shops here in my hood, last night the rowdies were hootin and hollerin late into the wee hours….just like the kiddies haunting B’head on weekends. Fortunately, I pulled up my Ambient app on the iPad and dialed in some Rain Forest white noise which sufficiently drowned out the revelers.

Yet….the jet lag attacked me somewhere in the night and I didn’t awaken till 9am!  Unheard of! 


Distances increasing nicely!
One foot in front of the other and look how we racked up the miles/steps since arriving here.  
  Love these ancient buildings!  All the changes over the centuries – and many of them are evident here.
I’m getting close to crashing for the night but I’m leaving you with these seven iconic pix from my travels today around lovely Siena Italy! 







10 thoughts on “Saturday in Siena, Italy

  1. Great pictures. They make me feel as if I were travelling right along with you. Thanks for taking me along. I love the painted suitcase!

  2. Hello Ria!
    Caught up with you at last!
    Hope you are not suffering too much from the jet lag?! Are in a group ? Painting ?
    T and I send love. We have just returned from Portugal, no painting, just being slobs in the sun- it comes naturally!
    we are due to visit Florence with Sheila’s company in Nov.-Painting….oh yes, and what a place for inspiration?! No excuses.
    Hope that you are suitably inspired on your trip and shall look forward to reading your updates.

    1. Traveling solo and glad of it, so far. OTOH, I just got started so maybe around week 6 or 7 I’ll be feeling a need for companionship so you and T will come keep me company!

      Seeing Alison and Roberto in Cortona for a week of Painting in Italy 6/14 so I’ll get my fix of the Brit sitcom with them!

    2. I hit the Reply before closing!

      How are the plans for the wedding in France? Has T’s daughter turned into Bridezilla or is T the ‘zilla? It’s next month, yes? I’m sure it will be spectacular…Send pix, please!

      Braci e abbracci to you and T!

  3. Ria Jean…. I feel like I am looking at postcards… great shots… must be that artist eye….
    thanks for taking me on your journey…lovin’ it…..

  4. There is a flag throwing scene in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Spectacular! Leave it to you to find the Italian equivalent for Buckhead. Glad you got some rest 🙂

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