Sunday, May 31, 2015…into the countryside!

This is my unique (for me) Sunday: I left my apartment at 8:45am.  Red Rover (aka Citroen) and I drove an hour to Abbazia de Monte Oliveto Maggiore for MASS!!!  Yes, Folks, you heard me……mass in an ancient Abbey in the Tuscan countryside! And it was a complete joy!  I originally wanted to hear Gregorian Chant by the monks and I did see and hear them but there was one soloist monk whose sweet voice rang in my head all day.  Fortunately, I had the presence to record a portion of his singing.  I may go back next Sunday for an encore! He is that good!

I do hope the following link works to bring 48 seconds of his melodious voice.

Exquisite singing by Benedictine monk

Below is the YouTube address so please use it if the above doesn’t get you to this awesome 48 seconds….worth the effort, promise!


And a few more Abbey photos – double click photos to enlarge:


Following pix from the Abbey Church….a beautiful contemporary mosaic, mesmerizing ancient frescoe and the church organ in the loft.  The monks enter the church through the door below the organ.  They’re singing and carrying religious accoutrements (e g staff, candles, billowing incense – aka bug repellent, etc).  Nifty spectacle, especially for a recovering Catholic!  Ahhhh, the memories of days gone by!  



5 thoughts on “Sunday, May 31, 2015…into the countryside!

  1. Fun living vicariously thru you. Thanks Ria for letting me take this trip with you while sitting on my fanny at home. Judy

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