More fun with churches – really!

It’s Tuesday evening here and I’m a day late and a dollar short!  Not really, just the former and so far, the latter doesn’t apply ….yet!

Yesterday I went to Siena’s principle cathedral, Il Duomo, its crypt and the baptistery.  Yeah, yeah, they’re all very cool but the really great part was climbing the stairs of an incomplete addition to see the cathedral bell tower at eye level and observe the city below!  Those pix are further down the page. 

Here are three pix of il Duomo which really is an interesting building that was begun in the 1200s!  Isn’t it stunning they could …and did …build such complicated, intricate and beautiful structures such as this way back then?  And those puppies are still standing through plagues, conspiracies, wars, more wars and yet more wars…did I mention wars?!!    

Here below are the pix from the climb…And there’s even a photo of moi! Not a selfie, to set the record straight. 

According to my iPhone health monitor, I climbed 16 flights and i believe it was at least that many!  I was really glad I had stopped smoking! 

Only a limited number were allowed to climb since the stairs are very narrow and circular all the way to the top…only single file up and then back down. Had to wait about an hour to take the climb but I think it was worth the wait and the climb! Hope you agree…look at these views!
And remember, you can enlarge the images with a double click.


I was going to tell you what Red Rover and I did today but WordPress is getting balkey and/or the puny internet service doesn’t like so many pix downloads! The result being I’ve lost my patience with the process!  Thus, I’m heading to bed for reading time!  More tomorrow – maybe….tomorrow is Market Day in old Siena!!!!


6 thoughts on “More fun with churches – really!

  1. I agree…. we all seem to enjoy your postings… but do so when the spirit and time moves
    you. I enjoy some history but mostly your reactions, impressions, thoughts about what you are seeing and doing… your feelings.

  2. Great photo of you. Please post when you feel like it. For a few minutes it’s like being there. And, please, must have a few pics of market day and Cortona!!!

  3. Good to “see” you. Will look forward to your postings when you can. It should be fun and not a burden for you. Give us the highlights periodically when time and energy permits.

  4. Thanks for the pic of YOU! Lookin’ good girl, lookin’ good. Can’t wait each day to see another posting…. thanks for doing this…. I am enjoying your journey.

  5. we now know why Italians are such long livers….lots of walking………..we experienced this on our trip as well. Enjoying every post…..deb

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