Market Day, Siena

What an amazing market….everything but the kitchen sink!  It is a HUGE market!

 And ingenious how the retailers set up…look at the “tents”!  There are even mobile dressing rooms.  

There were meat counters, fish sellers, cured meats and sausages….oodles of food, condiments, spices, veggies, fruits, cut flowers, veggie and flower plants, clothes, leather products…you name it, it was there in multiple options!  I didn’t buy anything not only because I don’t need a thing and I’m in travel mode but also because I was overwhelmed! Tooooo much!    

No, these scooters and motorcycles weren’t for sale in the market…just a very large parking lot for them.

    >>>This, Pici (peh-CHEE), is the local handmade pasta shape.  Yummy!


>>>>>>>This pix (above) shows the Men’s Corner, I think.  It must be the place the wives drop off their hubbies to chat and to ogle the babes while the wives go shopping!



….and they tasted as fresh and good as they look – right off the farm!!!


6 thoughts on “Market Day, Siena

  1. Ditto above …but hell…. I wanna move there….
    Love the ide of “fresh daily”!! Never seen such strawberries…. Lucious!!

  2. Ria,

    I look forward each day to reading about your travels. I wish I were there to see all These beautiful places. I love the market. I would want one of everything. They look So good! Thank you for sharing all these great photos. Take care.



    Sent from my iPad


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