Avignonesi, a Montepulchiano vineyard tour


And now we get to have the tasting of their vineyard along with an incredible meal!


The last photo is a picture of their unique experiment to plant a hectare of vines in a circular manner.  So far, they’ve learned that the perfect number of vines per hectare is 7,158 and they should be trimmed as individual plants instead of allowing the vines to intertwine.  Wonderful tour and lunch!


6 thoughts on “Avignonesi, a Montepulchiano vineyard tour

  1. Breathtaking views which included your pictures of the fantastic meal. Everything looked so inviting. And the wine?

  2. I am stunned by the journey you are on and your ability to take us along..
    You re enriching your soul and ours!! Grazie!!

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