Finally, an update!

The internet is so slow here except in the lobby but who has had time to compose a post or wait for pix to download at snail place?!?

It’s been really fun and very busy here this last week but this morning the group all left for their respective airports to return home and leaving me here in Cortona to await the arrival of my Brit friends and the other 7 members of the next class!  So I have some quiet time to pull together a couple posts!

Hope you enjoy!

This is a fabulous cloud formation that came toward me so slowly I could hardly perceive its movement! I was sitting on my terrace in Pienza cloud spotting when I realized I was looking at an alien space ship disguised as a brioche breakfast bun! Clever these aliens!


And now on to Cortona!  

Lovely Fiona Graham, our fabulous Instructor, with one of our terrific British students, Anthony.  We accused them of color coordinating their dinner wardrobes!  

The following pix are from the incomparable Villa Laura which is the estate used in the film, Under the Tuscan Sun.  We spent the day there painting and dining and day dreaming of a life in the Italian sun! 

Instead of painting, some folks took a cooking class in one of the Villa’s amazing kitchens then we all dined on their fantastic concoctions!


The Chefs with students, Richard (retired engineer) and John (surgeon).

This following picture is from my app, Value Viewer, and it shows the grid that helps me put the picture on paper in perspective….sorta! The photo was taken from my vantage point in Cortona where I was seated in my little beach chair huddled next to a bush against the fortress wall. Tiny cars regularly came blasting down the hill and therefore I kept my appendages close!



6 thoughts on “Finally, an update!

  1. Eileen….. Watch a movie? (but it was good, huh?) I wanna go there… TO LIVE!! We could go take a cooking class……. Ria, you could paint, Eileen and I could cook for you…. Your travel log is great, pictures (the cloud!!) fantastic and I have just one question…. How’d you find out and arrange all this…. Jealous, CB

  2. Ria,

    What a fabulous photographer you are! The pixs are beautiful. I want to be there. Thanks for sharing.


    Sent from my iPad


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