This is the existing Franciscan Monastery near Cortona.  The monks take a vote of silence and this whole site is mystical! So huge yet so quiet and beautiful! Thought you’d like to see a bit of it -inside and out:



The town of Cortona celebrated a Medieval Festival last Friday with a flag handling/throwing demonstration competition.  Much pomp and ceremony and the visitation by the  costumed lords, ladies, church and town dignitaries.  Quite the spectacle! Very impressive and fun. It seemed that most of the spectators were town folks and of course, there were a few of us tourists.  Nice!



This lady doesn’t have dirt on her face…I think my camera has a smudge on the lens and I can’t get rid of it 🙂 !

A walk around town…..

I want one!!!!! Isn’t this a continuous smile?!?!?


6 thoughts on “Cortona 

  1. BTW – You keep commenting on the cars over there – sounds like you might need to buy something a bit more “Ria” when you get back. lol

  2. Ria, those are the best pix!! Of course, I’m partial to St. Francis (my parish, college, and the pope). They make me want to go back to Italy to see everything I missed.

  3. I want to go to Cortona! The young man behind the lady with the smudge is so similar to the angular face in the old Italian Renassiance paintings! There is a portrait for you to paint!
    So glad you are having a wonderful time!

  4. That car… and the whole posting indeed made me smile! You are getting the “real” Italian pulse of the people not the tourist version…. what a place… I wanna move there!!!

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