Around Cortona

   Big bulbs of garlic  Is this dog real!?! Hanging out in town… How many pix have been snapped of this pooch??

This epitome of elderly Italian good looks and wealth pulled right up and parked in “no parking” then strolled into the bank for a quick visit.  Nice convertible … Bentley or Rolls? I didn’t get enough time to subtly trip him and introduce myself ! :-))

    One of the beautiful views from our  Cortona bnb.  

The following are from my second visit to Avognonesi Vineyard.  Beautiful place and delightful lunch paired with their excellent wines.  The dessert was paired with their outstanding vin Santo which is in the glass on its side.



7 thoughts on “Around Cortona

  1. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous, so was the rich dude. Just carry some old brushes in a case and let it fall open. You don’t want to injure the ole guy. Just call his attention to the jet setter before him.

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