Left out some good stuff from Cortona….

I have been taking pix with my iPhone, iPad and my Sony camera and sometimes I forget to look for pix in all three before I post.  Hope you haven’t seen these yet!

I’m hanging out in Lucca enjoying my last evening sitting on a park bench and enjoying a fabulous breeze and a gorgeous sky.  

Sitting with Annie from Oregon!


I tried to buy some of these shirts… But they’re only for professors and students. Check out the logo on bottom! Some very fortunate students get to spend the summer in Cortona studying art.  OMG How great that would be!!!! 

Above is the gang from second week class.  

I got an Italian hair cut while in Cortona… I think she did a great job… Can you tell? I think I may be making a terrible face but the pix so small on my iPhone I don’t know for sure :-)) I think everyone else looks good and that’s the important part. You know me already 😄



4 thoughts on “Left out some good stuff from Cortona….

  1. UGA @ Cortona, one of my friends from University teaches there, Suzanne Pugh ( love her name, of course) She teaches sculpture and metal work. Ria, you are looking so youthful and happy. Continued best wishes on your travels.

    1. And why didn’t I know about this friend before I got there or during the two weeks I was there… Drats!. Would have loved to meet your friend in Cortona!.
      I am youthful (relative to many my age) and certainly happy! Thanks for your support!

  2. Love seeing some people, esp YOU! Your group looks great, fun and classy! Each picture captures something special of your journey and the “feel” of Italy.. wow… it is really breath taking to see….. don’t cha just love Europe, Italy and esp the “cafe society”!
    I am enjoying “Travels with the Queen”!!

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