Arrived here Sunday afternoon and haven’t left the city center all week.  Mostly I hang around town piazzas (plazas) or I haunt the Passeggiata Mura, the wonderful walkway along the fortification around the city.   Right now, I’m sitting under a patisserie’s large square umbrellas around the Piazza San Michele.  

It’s actually pretty quiet at this hour (10:40am) but then it hasn’t been very crowded the entire time I’m here.  The temperature during my stay has been perfect… Feels like 70s and low 80s, often with a pleasant breeze though on top of the wall, the breeze can become a good wind! The color of the sky is nearly impossible to describe….pure beautiful blue.

My cappuccino decafinato just arrived so I’ll leave you for now with a few snaps of this wonderful town Lucca!


More on this tent in another post. 


This next little surprise photo is a Hoopoe with a worm.  We saw these birds flitting around our Cortona bnb.  I have to use a Google image because they’re too shy and too quick for any of us to photograph them! They’re about the size of a robin, I think. Extraordinary plumage!



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