More from Lucca!

There was a previous photo from the last posting showing a tent with clear top and sides.  That tent was one of 25 linked together along the Passeggiata (walk of top of fortification).  They’re approximately 20×20 so that’s a total of about 10,000sf ! The occasion was a dinner last night that I think was associated with Maserati and/or Le Cirque which has a large circus tent set up near the wall. Dinner for 500 of your nearest and dearest!?!? 


  Lucca is the hometown of opera great, Puccini, and they have regular festivals and programs showing off his talents!. During the summer months there is a one hour concert each evening and it’s held in a beautiful deconsecrated church in the center of town.  The program varies each evening.  I went Tuesday for the arias from operas by Puccini and by Mozart.  It was a wonderful performance! I even bought a CD of Tosca performance from the 50s.  I’ll play it tomorrow when Red Rover and I head to our next town.



4 thoughts on “More from Lucca!

  1. Besides art, history and laughing….. I see we now share an interest/love of Opera… what a venue you found to experience such music…..

  2. Ria,

    Wish I could have been there to enjoy the beautiful music. What a gorgeous place To live. Love the pixs. Keep them coming.


    Sent from my iPad


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