Grosseto, Roselle and to the sea!

I left my so-far-favorite-town, Lucca, Thursday and arrived in Grosseto which is west and south of Lucca and very near the Italian west coast on the Ligurian Sea.  It’s a small town which calls itself The Small Lucca….NOT! Sadly it’s a complete imposter, a wanna bee without creds! Yes, it has a fortification wall with a walk of sorts on top but it’s walls everywhere are all graffiti filled and there’s virtually nothing pretty about the walk. There’s very little there to interest me.  

Plus the temperature was in the 90s and my bnb didn’t have AC… Only a little fan.  My fault for not researching fully!  Had to leave the window shutters open and there weren’t any screens either. And the cars and scooters were zipping down the street two floors below into the night.  Can you hear me whining and fuming?!?


A typical house in the nicer section of Grosseto and similar to my bnb.


This is the very cool head board.


This is Paulo, the B&B owner, showing me the hair product he uses on his beautiful curly hair.  Getting his slightly distorted picture was a happy accident! Notice that Sicilian nose! How I didn’t get such a schnoze from my Sicilian paternal family is a blessing!

I did have to spend a second night at Paulo’s but that night was not nearly as awful as the first one.  The Paulo and his girlfriend were as kind and concerned as they could be when I explained I had to leave for someplace else because I couldn’t sleep. So they referred me to a beautiful BnB near a small village, Roselle.  Two lovely days there at B&B at Home in Maremma!! Maremma is the coastal area of the a province is Grosseto, I think.

The B&B owners have done a marvellous job not only with the decor but the breakfast was very special. Eggs fresh from the chickens in the pen, figs from their trees, homemade breads, wonderful cheeses, salami, prosciutto, yogurt and local honey, diced fresh fruit, cappuccino, juices.  And all just for me at my table, served on platters and silver plates and bowls… Not a buffet!

And… Never in all my travels have I come across fine damask linen bath, bidet and hand towels! So luxurious… And they were pressed! I asked the talented wife, Grace, where they came from… Her Mamma owned them!

Grace is Italian and a designer and decorator in her other job.  Beautiful lady, beautiful decor! Her husband, Norbert, is a tall, slender, pony-tailed German who handles the mini-farm chores. A beneficial Axis union!


One day I drove to the coast and I went for lunch at a private club on the water in Talamone.  These senior fellas had a very long look at the new face (moi) then they then went back to smoking and talking.  Italian men appear to spend a lot of time with other men which is probably a very good thing… Support and companionship is always healthy, I think. 

Below are pix of beach with wind surfers and wind gliders.  There is a school in Talamone for this water sport there at the beach I visited.  Fun to watch! Maybe in my youth I might have been strong enough! Would love to be able to “fly” across the water with them!




By the way, most of those blurred dots on the above three pix are not insects.  They’re gliders moving too quickly for my camera to get a good focus.  There were too many gliders to count and nearly every one a different color and a design!


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