Speaking of art…

A good oil painter artist, Jill Banks, from Northern Virginia whom I follow recently wrote about outdoor intense light around Telluride “…..working to get used to the high altitudes and surroundings before the competition begins. Good thing, too. A couple of factors make painting here a challenge. While I’m accustomed to changing light and shadows outdoors, here it seems to be a new pattern every minute. Mountains get in the way of mountains casting their presence every which way. Challenge number two is the intensity of the light. It’s so strong that my eyes “wear out” quickly and all darks seem to disappear.” 

One of my instructors in Cortona also mentioned the high intensity of the light in Tuscany.  She said it takes about two weeks for the eyes to get accustomed to the strong light.  Based on my experience, I think these painters are right on!

One instructor doesn’t want us to wear sunglasses… Rather use hats for sun shade.  The glasses change the light and this affects what we think we see which doesn’t exist without the sun glasses…I think that was her point.

If you’re wondering why this discussion appears here, it’s because I’ve had conversations with some of you artist buddies regarding the difference in light in southern Europe/Riviera vs USA. Here’s possibly new thoughts for my/our knowledge base.

The following are sketches either, 4×6 or 6×8, during my time in Cortona..  4×6 pen and watercolor I did for one of the other students.



4 thoughts on “Speaking of art…

  1. I “ditto” what Carol said above (except about not coming back home). You DO have amazing talent, Ria. I’m so very proud of you … your colors in the pen and water colors are beautiful and vibrant. Love you tons!


  2. What talent you have! Your sketches, therefore your brain, eye and perception are amazing! I feel like I am watching a movie about an American who goes to Italy…
    discovers the joy and beauty of the place…. and thus blossoms the artist. i am enjoying YOUR journey… thanks for sharing…. don’t ever leave….. we’ll come visit you in “heaven”.

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