This is the ancient village of Civita about 30km from Orvieto where I stayed.  I can’t tell you about Civita any better than Travel Pro, Rick Steves so here is his description of this fascinating place.

“Of all the Italian hill towns, Civita di Bagnoregio is my favorite. Less well-known than Siena or Assisi, this stunning little gem has escaped the modern age mostly because of topography.

The town teeters atop a pinnacle rising high above a vast canyon ruled by wind and erosion. The saddle of earth that once connected Civita to its bigger and busier sister town, Bagnoregio, has worn away. Photographs around town show the old donkey path that once linked the hamlets. Today, the only way in or out is by a footbridge. Supplies are ferried in on mopeds.

The main entrance is a huge stone passageway, cut by the Etruscans 2,500 years ago and decorated in the 12th century with a Romanesque arch. Passing through the portal, you enter another world — one stuck in the Middle Ages. You can feel history in the smooth cobblestones under your feet.”

From my perspective, that footbridge is a brutal journey in 90+ temp!  The day I visited Civita, I clocked nearly 35 flights and over 15,000 steps on my iPhone’s health monitor. But! It really was worth the effort.  I can’t think of any place more unique than Civita…really is like being in a medieval village…..if it weren’t for us tourists!

And look at the size of that beam on a tiny tractor coming through Civita’s entry gate.  How long must it take to renovate?!?


Had to walk from where this photo was taken, ie where I parked the car. When I got back to the car, I felt so happy….that I had seen this wonderful place, that I had made the journey down and up and back again and that it was over!       


2 thoughts on “Civita

  1. Hi, Rita…
    I am so envious of your travels. I’ve got to know why the row of broom-like plants along the bridge? I’m really enjoying your blog. Lucky lady!

    1. Sam, I think they’re an art installation. Some of the upturned reeds have little bells clipped to them. Every broom has bells……The Sounding Brooms Bridge in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy. It’s fun to shake and hear the tinkling of the tiny bells.
      So glad you’re enjoying!

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