This and that….

I stopped for lunch one Sunday outside of a small town and I lucked out! Not only did I find a great restaurant open on Sunday, I had a great view of a curious family. Papa in his “wife beater” tee but take a look at momma! I suspect he wouldn’t dare lay a finger on her without her permission! Oh…and there is a daughter hidden on the other side of the table across from momma.


Elton John is going to perform in Lucca! And so is Bob Dylan!  Have those guys played Atlanta of late?!?


This is how I got ice cubes in one of the bnb!


Love this contrast!



Curious ceramic plaque on a building wall  in Lucca. Oh no it’s not the plaque! It’s a poster pasted over the plaque which I couldn’t see till it was magnified in this post! 😆 hmmmm, wonder how the graffiti dude got this high up?


The photo of a garden popped up with the other download.  It’s a nice garden but I didn’t intend for it to be here. It’s easier to leave it than to try to remove….this WordPress software is decidedly erratic on iPad!

This is the kitchen of the b&b in Lucca.  I’d say there’s about 1.5′ of clearance between the wall on the right (not in photo) and the counter!  Not exactly up to our codes!  The fridge is at the very end.  Notice the pedals – a red and a blue – below the sink.  Those are stepped on to get either hot or cold water and of course, they’re just right for klutzes such as moi to trip over! 


A small park on Lake Trasimeno filled with large stone sculptures. Liked the installation very much!



3 thoughts on “This and that….

  1. Elton is scheduled to perform in Atlanta this year!
    Also, the husband daycare is much like one at a bar in St. Michaels Maryland. Small world!
    Have a great time.

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