Next stop…Perugia plus the day trips!

The heat has been extreme for Tuscany and Umbria with temps in the 90s, little breeze and increasing humidity.  Such weather can increase one’s intolerance, especially when the “ideal” parking facility is down at the bottom of the hill and though there are two escalators to get closer to the top, the destination is still a hike UP cobble stone steep inclines!  Fortunately I have help from my strong young apartment owner who has met me at the car.  Thankfully while in Orvieto, I had sent home, via UP,S 16 pounds of excess so my suitcases are not really bad to lug around!

And I was beginning to get aggravated when I realized my apartment does not have AC  ….I figured I had screwed up again and would soon be suffering in the heat.  BUT fabulous cave that I rented does not need AC!  In fact, the first night my feet got so cold I was wishing for socks! What wonderful surprise to open the door of this beautifully a renovated home (2/1)!  Ida, my young hostess inherited the unit from her grandfather last year and decided to turn it into a business…she’s a waitress at night (college grad with business & marketing major) and would dearly love to make the b&b her full time business but she has to save more though she’s on her way!  Very sweet, thoughtful young woman…and pretty as you’ll see in our pix below!



Perugia is a interesting city ….large population and several universities and colleges plus lots of tourists, of course!  There’s a very wide concourse for strolling and shopping.  The architecture is similar to the other towns I’ve visited.  Something about the place left me uninspired …may be it’s all the hormones wafting from the young students who mill in herds everywhere.  Or it could be the hustlers trying to sell cheap wares and drooping roses or the beggars or maybe it was simply the heat!  At times it’s obvious I live in privileged world!

I just wanted to leave so I took Red Rover on two day trips.  The first was north to the little town of Gubbio which seemed nearly empty compared to Perugia.  I climbed all over the hills and up the towers for some fun pix of the scenery and those nifty swallows!


Hmmmm….it was a tough call for a souvenir – the crossbow, the torture tools or the snow globe?!  I couldn’t decide so I opted out!

And just because they’re always a smile producer:




4 thoughts on “Next stop…Perugia plus the day trips!

  1. What no snow globe? What a surprise you opted to not purchase anything. Just curious – were the sinks in the bathroom as low as they appeared?

    1. Re sinks, they were just right – imo. I didn’t think about the height but I had no complaints.
      As for a purchase, I haven’t been inclined to buy much anywhere….I think the heat and the feeling of being a mark are discouraging for me. Otoh, I’ve definitely been a more discerning buyer when I have opened the wallet! And I’m sorta saving myself for Rome shopping.

    1. Red was one of the first pix I posted but I can share pix of her. I’m keeping her clean and shiny and happy!

      Some jerk did scratch her right rear bumper but it’s not major and covered under insurance anyway. I could bring her in limping and no charge to me.

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