Some time in Spoleto

Have you been to the Spoleto Festival in Charleston SC?  Wonderful!!  I’ve been several times and LUV everything about it!  And the Italian Spoleto festival is in progress! So of course going to the source and inspiration for Juan Carlo Menutti’s institution of that American festival was a joy!  I found that Spoleto, Italy is laid out as typical hill town in Umbria and everywhere I went, the festival posters where proclaiming the presence of the festival by that was pretty much all I saw of the festival because I arrived mid-day and nothing/zip/zero/zilch/nada happens mid-day in an Italian hill town especially with temps in the 90s!  

I should have done more research and planned to stay in Spoleto to attend some of the events but……

Love the poster!!!


     So I accepted my situation and just roamed about before I stopped for lunch in a place recommended in The Italian Guide for Gourmet Travelers….Il Tarfufo (The Truffle).  Ooppps, the pix are out of order but you’ll get it. My truffle pasta sauce was excellent though the pasta hadn’t quite gotten to al dente…a bit crunchy!  Sadly for the proprietor, I was it for lunch patrons that day!


This tall sculpture in Spoleto intrigued me.  I could not decide if it was leaning as a plan of the artist or if it was the incline of the street causing an optical illusion.  I think it’s the former! 



3 thoughts on “Some time in Spoleto

  1. I just left a restaurant where I was sitting beneath a Botero painting of the same man dancing with possibly the same woman (different dress). I couldn’t believe it when that is the first thing I was when I checked in tonight. hmmmm.

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