Special evening in Orvieto and sketches from a very young artist and a senior artist!

Late one afternoon I was meandering in the alleys of Orvieto when I saw a middle-age woman I assumed to be American.  She was hunched over, sitting on a short wall and sketching into a small book.  I spoke to her and yes, she is Vicki, from Spokane WA here in Italy with hubby Steve and their daughter, son-in-law, and their two children.  Very nice, very friendly lady.  We talked for quite a while about this and shared our sketches.  She’s new to drawing and painting so she was impressed with my work …. As I would have been when I was new to the hobby.

After a while Steve came along, seems a very nice guy.  Soon we said goodbye….the encounter was most pleasant and gave me an opportunity to speak English without fumbling.  I was glad I’d reached out to the lone sketcher!

Later as I walked home and passed an outdoor cafe, I heard a shout “Riaaaa”! I of course whirled around and there sat the whole Spokane family.  Vicki and Steve waved me back to visit and sit with them which I did.  I sat next to their daughter you was holding her little girl, Hadley, on her lap.  Of course Vicki wanted me to show of f my sketches which truly mesmerized Hadley.  A moment of inspiration hit me….I handed my sketchbook, my waterbrush, my watercolor palette and my pens to Hadley and gave her pretty much free reign over one pen and ink sketch I had started but not finished and the rest of the pages.  I had purchased a small round of box of crayons and I pulled that out for her as well.  She was in awe for about an hour….drawing and coloring and learning to use watercolors!  I’m betting we have a new artist in that family!  Hard to express how much joy that gave me!  Wish more children could have that opportunity…what a different world we might produce!

So here is the art work from my young apprentice, Hadley:

        And a few more from the senior art student….





6 thoughts on “Special evening in Orvieto and sketches from a very young artist and a senior artist!

  1. Something tells me Hadley will always remember her friend Ria who gave her an opportunity for some artistic expression and maybe a new found love.

  2. I dont see my reply. I love all the sketches but my favorite that I want is the Fortezza in orvieta. Kisses. Jules

    1. I’m not well versed in this software so I don’t know what you mean …didn’t see reply.

      You’re sooooo entitled! Remind me when I’m coming over to bring the sketch you want.

      Hope you and Joey are having a good summer! Looking forward to seeing you!

  3. You have found your forte, Ria! Love seeing your sketches. And what a cool encounter with the Spokanians. J

    Karen B

    1. Very funny! Must have been the vino! What a mess is my sketchbook but what wonderful memories, eh?
      You leaving tonight? Have a great time!!!! And write! 😘

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