Heads up, Car/Vehicle Peeps!

Have had a shout out for Red Rover pix so am including her as well as others….oddities, phenoms, alternative transports!   Edit  Editeven if you’re not a vehicle person, worth a looky!

Riding through the highlands of Abruzzo…doesn’t she look like she roaring across the plains?!


Snug in the sky parking in Positano!  




  Classic Jag!  Beautiful! Can’t believe it’s parked on a beach street!
  A Red Rover wanna be!
     These beauties really do get driven!


OK, so it’s a big yacht with a water slide…still it’s transport!  It’s anchoring in the Positano “bay”.  Actually, this one is fairly small comparatively!  


Wanted to rent one but a scooter license is required.  

Yes it’s transport…just that it’s beautiful sail ship that I watched longingly…I’m sailing salt! 


This guy flew into my photo when I was trying to get snap of the flowers…those yellow hibiscus!  It’s now a transport!

And when was the last time you saw this???  Where’s the Tiger?  

This looks like an Ooops! I might have driving in these tiny confusing alleyways of the hill towns! In case the picture isn’t clear on the issue, those are stairs in front of the car….a situation for Mr. Bond, eh? Or probably more for Q!


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