Pescara to Positano….OMG!!!

Nice trip, very nice,  through more of rural and beautiful Abruzzo….into tunnels, up and over mountains…great trip till I got to Naples!  Holy Schmoly!  I’m cruising on the autostrada and the British female on the car GPS says “In 200 meters, turn right” so I turn right but I’ve turned at 180 meters or something close…just not the proper turn.  Now! Shouldn’t be that diff to get back on track! Oh People! I cannot begin to tell you how wrong I was and how lost I got…and eventually how desperate I was for a toilette! 😁!  That evening I had to vent and I wrote the following in an email … Caution….I get down and dirty ahead!

“They’re f’g nuts drivers once I got to Naples and further south close to the Amalfi coast. Holy Batshit!.they are Damn nuts but I got right in the swing! All those scooters and Vespas zipping in and out and the pedestrians and pedal bikes not paying attention and the trucks and busses trying to take my space, etc. I just barreled through… Lots of honking at me but…I say bite me! You know I’m an aggressive driver and the really good thing is my cute red Citroen has French license tags so many of the other drivers are a bit wary of me.”  

Now that I’ve driven to and in Positano and back …and all over Naples port area – at least twice – I feel qualified for the Indy 500 or something close! At one point in Naples, I was driving on the streetcar tracks…thankfully the street cars were elsewhere! (They have a track in the roadway as well as electric overhead! Remember those?) Massive traffic jam I had to get around…breakdown of a tractor trailer….mid day at the port….What a mess!

Then I needed a ferry ticket so I’m in line…sorta….and it’s close to 100 temp….we’re all very anxious to get on the next ferry because the last one sold out early but the ticket agent suddenly closes the window!  We stand and we stand and we stand….it’s so bleeping hot!  Thankfully deodorant is use! We’re all sweating and waiting….I’m thinking there’s been a major problem and now what to do?  All of a sudden the line starts to move….the ticket agent has returned and opened the window….no problem of – he just took lunch break!?!!!? Whhhhhaaaaa!?!?

OK, let’s get back to the Amalfi Coast…


Positano sunset as seen from my lovely Hotel Miramare room!  

See all those orange umbrellas?  Beach setups! Kinda like being on a cruise with 1,300 of your nearest and dearest! Ack! And yes, the sand is black!

I found this snap (Above) worthy on multiple levels.  

I hired card and driver for day to go along the rest of Amalfi Coast to Ravello then to Pasteum for some Greek ruins. The following are beautiful pix from that journey!     



6 thoughts on “Pescara to Positano….OMG!!!

  1. I so remember our GPS telling us to turn and inevitably we would turn too soon. Could never quite get it down it seemed while in Italy and we were constantly hearing . . . Recalculating! These pictures are amazing – breathtaking. Definitely on my bucket list.

  2. Oh it is so much fun to go on this journey with you. Glad to see you are not letting these crazy drivers get to you. I thought for sure you were going to say the ticket guy had to use the loo. Glad you hired a driver and the pictures are beautiful

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