Early departure from Amali Coast & Positano!

The original plan was for a stay in Positano for 6 nights but two days in and I realize the plan is flawed!  I walked the town the first day (35 flights and over 10,000 steps), just hung out and browsed around a bit the second and did the Ravello-Pasteum drive with Fabio, my patient, efficient, careful driver.  He and I talked about the fact I was now not interested in much more of Amalfi and though he recommended I go over to Sorrento for the remaining 3 days, I decided to move to an island, Ischia (ees’ key ah).  

In one of my last posts, I wrote about driving in Naples and the line for the ferry from Naples to Ischia.  More fun in the Italian way!  Now here are some pix from that experience and some others for the fun of it!

That’s one of the monster cruise ships in the Naples Bellevero port.


Just another sailor….😉


Reminds me of a great lighthouse in the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.


In Positano, luxury abounds…waiting taxis.


Lemon varieties in southern Italy can be the size of cantaloupes…wish I’d thought to put my hand in the picture so you’d have a comparison!  Huge! This is the land that invented Limincello, supposedly.  I can see why!


Landing in Ischia!  No, we didn’t have to jump to the pier though you might think so from this strange snap! That gangplank did get attached to the ship and I was first off…lil me!

A great idea to come to this little, relatively quiet island before I move on to Rome on Monday, July 20.  

View from my room!

  Castello Aragonese – View to the right…from my room!


And the castle in evening.  The castle is a tourist attraction, not a place to stay.  I did not visit due to total slothfulness.

This is where I spent my entire day today…on a lounger under a big umbrella being attended by liveried servants (kidding!!!).  Just a few steps to a swim in the refreshing Med then shower and back to the grind of reading, people watching, pondering! Then to this terrace from whence this pix…for delightful lunch! 


I like the shadow and light but even more LUV the red doors!


2 thoughts on “Early departure from Amali Coast & Positano!

  1. Being that Rome seemed like an Italian NYC to me it seems appropriate that you should lounge in Ischia for a bit.

  2. Oh Ria, Ischia looks stunning. I can smell the lemons and feel the warmth of the gentle sea through your photos. How weird is that! The cute little curly white dog is just like Miss Mimi.
    The views from your hotel across to the little island with the castle are stunning worth your whole trip. I really hope you have been sketching and not wasting your time lazing in the sun, swimming, eating and drinking? That would be a waste of time!
    Hope your journey to Roma goes exactly as you want. Take care. Alison x

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