Ischia Randoms

The island has several sections and I’m staying on the northwestern portion, Ischia Ponte.  These following snaps are from my meanderings in this area.

For Bill, my friend and retired Commander!  See what you missed?!?

Love the colors going on in this!
    The mother of all hoppers and it’s a game of chicken….who’s going to flinch!?  I folded.
  The Floridian, a very fine hotel, I’m told ….I like its entrance – classic!
 What needs saying? Sweet, sumptuous column plaque on two sides of a corner…not sure the photo or my description do the plaque justice.

For my Dawg friends…yeah, I know it’s a French Dawg but it’s as close as I’ve come to seeing the “real” thing!

  This one is just cute!

Cristian, my Iscian hair cutter, in a duo (a “selfie” with two?). Both of us being a tad silly!


2 thoughts on “Ischia Randoms

  1. Getting a haircut from a man you will never see again and who knows he will never again see you. Now that’s courage!

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