On Monday, July 20th, I left beautiful, serene Ischia via hydrofoil ferry to Naples. In Naples, I picked up Red Rover and we immediately headed out to Rome but first we had to deal with Naples.  Naples traffic where two lanes become five unless, of course, there are busses or tractor trailers in which case two lanes become only 3.5, not five.  Due to construction, ineptitude, ignorance, fear and confusion the traffic was dense and extremely slow going….30 minutes for 1/2 kilometer in 95 degree heat.  

Gratitude is what we should all have for the fact we do not regularly drive in Naples! And for any of you skittish folks, be grateful you were not with Red Rover and me on Monday because I was a focused woman determined to get to Rome and not spend all day about it.

It was a sad evening when I had to return Red and leave her there at the Rome airport lot!  I’d had so much fun driving her!  

But onward…..into Roma and the excitement of the big city! And what a gorgeous, energetic place it is!  Reminds me of my days in NYC…all the hustle and charm and glow and glamor but no skyscrapers!   Nothing can be built higher than St. Peter’s….same as in my DC – nothing higher than the Washington monument.  Every corner turned reveals another photo op, another beautiful building, another sense of history. 

And back to Gratitude….I LUV my apartment in a very old building!!! It’s a funky place in an excellent location…reminescent of an aged diva still showing some class but fading around the edges. The bones are good but the wrinkles are evident too.

Here are some pix.  First two pix are the elevator!  I’m on the Italian 2nd floor which we would call the third floor – they count ground as zero, not first..,,sensible I think.  The elevator stops in between floors so I have to walk down a half flight to get to my apartment which is a whole lot better than walking up three flights when the distance between floors must be 20 feet!

The next three pix are the living room…it’s about 15×20 with 16′ ceilings!  The whole apartment is probably 1200sf and it has one very large bedroom and two baths plus kitchen.


The kitchen is terrific…wouldn’t want to cook a major meal I have very good basics just no ice maker 😂!  But look at the nifty cabinet over the sink that is open on the bottom and has drain racks for shelving!  Fab idea!  And look at the combo stove with dishwasher under!  Clever!  Best THE best part is that darling, wonderful washing machine!!!  Each day, all day I’m walking around this city in 95-100 heat and sweat soaked by the time I get back to the apartment in  late afternoon.  Zip …..everything into the washing machine!  


And here’s my front yard…the prettiest piazza with a centerpiece of Bernini’s Four Rivers Fountain.  It’s a huge plaza loaded in the daytime with wandering tourists who return in the evening along with the artists, the performers, the buskers, the hustlers, the pan handlers and other assorted characters of interest.





5 thoughts on “Gratitude!

    1. It’s experience, mistakes, attitude, happy accidents and gratitude that make an adventure so much fun…and being able to share with friends!! For instance, on the gorgeous little Ischia, I got cheated by two different taxi drivers. When I focused on the negative and whined in an email to a friend, my friend reminded me of what’s important….I’m on a special journey which most will never enjoy and the locals have been cheating the tourists for millennia and the amounts taken by the drivers are not big! So…get over the puny and move on! Attitude and gratitude!

  1. So much fun to view your pictures, share in your adventures and have some flashback memories of my own along the way. Keep them coming. We will miss you Red Rover!

  2. THAT is an apt!!! with a great location and ahhh the wash machine! You did this and NZ all on airbnb and/or VRBO? You are the best travel agent/planner EVER!! enjoy!

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