Sightseeing!  Yayyyy! Ahhhh!  Oooohhhhh! 

Yep, the lovely, intelligent, knowledgable and kind Daniela Sarghini guided me around Rome basics (Forum, Pallatine Hill, Colleseum) yesterday and today the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s!  The tours really were fascinating but the heat wore me down and I refused to stand in line to go inside the Colleseum!  I will be doing this again…probably in the winter when the tourists are scarce and the weather is easier.

I suspect you’ll be able to recognize most of the monuments. 



A side trip to a church to see Michelangelo’s Moses….  

And Vatican City….



Pomodoro sculpture!  


Instead of paint, they sometimes used different marble/stone for color variation. The shoe looks a tad small for the foot but who’s complaining?


Above is a two dimensional image ….on the ceiling! Looks like sculpture/cameo but not!


Bernini’s canopy over the Papal Altar. Look at those massive spiral legs! So impressive!


St.Peters looks a little puny eh?  But look closely at the itsy bitsy people waaaaay back there!  It’s the largest church in the world…our biggest, the National Cathedral in Washington, is about 3/4 the size!

Sorry, no photos allowed in Sistine Chapel.  Otherwise, I took lots more photos but how much does a reader want to see, really?!?

Oh and I know you want to be sure the church is still standing after I left….



7 thoughts on “Sightseeing!  Yayyyy! Ahhhh!  Oooohhhhh! 

  1. You know it just dawned on me that while you were in Lucca I could have had you connect with the owner of the B&B we stayed at. Somehow when we left there a CD of pictures from Rome, gifts purchased at the Vatican and maybe some other small items were left out of our luggage. We’ve not been able to make a connection with her and this would have been perfect. Assuming that you might have found a small corner in your luggage to bring them back. Oh well – maybe next trip.

    1. Yes, unfortunate! If you’d recalled while I was in Tuscany, I could have driven back to get the goods. 😟.

      If it’s worth it to you, she might be willing to take your things to a MailBox for shipping to you. Using Mailbox in Orvieto, I shipped home about 16 pounds of stuff I bought and brought that I wasn’t willing to carry anymore for 85euro and that included the shipping box and them packing it. It was that or buy another suitcase and then have that to carry around! I think the price to ship was a bargain given the alternative.

  2. Felt quite sad that you had to part with red. She served you well. Your wonderful photos of Rome bought back so many happy memories for me. Ron and I went there for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.
    Glad you love it. Your front yard is spectacular!
    I am going to miss your very entertaining blog. Where are you going next?

    1. I don’t know where though I’d love to come back to UK! I’m thinking it may be time to see more of America. I have been to lots of places here but never seen Yellowstone or most of our other national parks. I want to see them and Alaska as well as British Columbia.

  3. The poor guy’s foot was so swollen from the heat, humidity and excessive walking, he had to cut a “blow hole” for his toes.

  4. Loved the pictures especially the selfie!!
    Say it isn’t so that you are coming to the final chapter of THIS adventure!

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