Odd bits and pieces 

 The other evening I decided to find a nice place for an adult beverage on a rooftop. I came up with this place not far from my apartment.  It’s the Hotel Raphael which is …different!  And exceptionally expensive! But the view was worth the price of admission as was the humorous bird character.


This fellow carried the evening….the main event for smiles from everyone except the staff of the bar.



Just something cooling and pretty.


Great view of Colleseum!  The events that went on it there are not worth repeating….awful!  And I’m not just talking about the Christians being fed to the lions!  And all for the “entertainment” of the Roman citizens!  I sometimes wonder, after reading the news, if we’ve evolved any since those times.


This is a tiny portion of the Baths of Caracalla where the citizens got their sauna, then their hot baths then their cool baths!  Water was fed by the aqueducts some of which are still bringing water from the mountains to the drinking fountains!  The brick foundation was once covered entirely in white marble which the Church removed for its glorification of the many Roman religious/pagan facilities converted to Christian churches.  Now this particular area of the Baths is a venue for chic concerts in the evening.


This is very strange…does this look like a painting to you?!?  It was a picture I took of a hilltop park with St Peters in the distance but somewhere in the download process, this transition occurred!  I like it so I hope you see what I see! Wish I could say I painted it!


Looking at St Peters from over the village which once served as residential area for the crafts men that built Vatican City. This is the Trastevere area abutting the south and southeast of the Vatican Nation.  Trastevere is a happenin’ place!  Lots of restaurants and updated residences. It resembles the small hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria with its varied architecture, narrow streets and alleys and of course, the cobblestones are every where in Roma.


This is like many of the fountains in Rome….fresh, clean water from the aqueducts but this one is even more special… It, according to my guide, is the coldest and indeed it was blessedly cold on this hot, hot day! Tasted sooooo good!


This is the gigantic department of Justice building which is so heavy and improperly supported it’s sinking!  Geez, how embarrassing, how unfortunate…..your justice is slowly disappearing!  

The Swiss guards protecting the Pope from his relatives…no, no kidding!  These fellows have to stand like this for two hour stints and in the sun as well as rain, cold, etc. It was so hot yesterday it made me sweat just looking at them!  No wonder they’re rail thin!

How’s this for transition….from stiff and proper Swiss guards to loosy goosy Betty Boop street art in Roma! Luv this city!


One thought on “Odd bits and pieces 

  1. Once again great pics and stories. Totally agree with you about the coliseum. As I stood there and listened to our guide I had such a heavy heart and was quite disturbed by the stories and history. Love the “strange” picture. You might be on to something if you could figure out how that occurred.

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