Saturday and it’s time for some fashion and culture!

These photos were taken during my walk from my apartment up the hills to the grounds of Villa Borghese which overlooks the City from its eastern location.  The walk there was filled with interesting items plus the high end couture shops as I neared the Villa.  A few snaps of such and we’ll move on.
Anyone know what those Valadier items are?  Unusual and I can’t think of anything useful for them….hoping one of you worldly, sophisticates can enlighten me, please.


Notice the cute red-orange toes of the photographer in the Prada picture!  Adds a bit of sass, don’t cha think?!?

On to the grounds of Villa Borghese… here’s me on Segway tooling around the Park before my appointment time to get into the Gallery. Had it for an hour….soooo much fun!


Inside was a combo early 2000s Italian designer dresses among the classical paintings and sculptures.  Interesting mix.


 Bernini sculpture…exquisitely delicate and detailed! Check out the cushion wrinkles, the folds of the dress and the gentle way she holds the apple!    Edit 

Some wonderful contrasts, eh?



 Another Bernini marvel ….David with his sling shot.


Another Bernini…only sculptures there I wanted to see.  

I like reptiles and this number is just right with the previous sculpture portraying the abduction of Proserpina by Pluto.  Kinda evil looking to go with the dastardly deed.  By the way, Bernini was on 23 when he finished that sculpture of Pluto with Prosperina!  

And finally is the master artist, Caravaggio!  Absolutely stunning with his innovative style for that period in late 16th, early 17th century.  The following detail of one of his paintings is reportedly a self portrait.  He was a wild child and had killed a man where upon the Pope order his execution but he escaped and painted this as his mea culpa.




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