Let’s go see Villa d’Este in Tivoli!!!!!

What a treat this place is!  I took the 10:33am train to Tivoli on Sunday and meandered around town till I got to the Villa.  I watched an English version video of the important parts of the Villa then ignored the fancy interior room which were devoid of furnishings anyway and headed straight for the garden!  Wow, wow, wow!  It’s not the plants that are marvelous…it’s the glorious fountains in so many different configurations ! There’s even a fountain by Bernini on the grounds.  I won’t take the limited time I have left to do posts to explain about the gardens, who built,  why and how….all that is available online.  I hope this visual teaser entices you to read about Villa d’Este and maybe go visit it!  Let’s go see the views, the overall garden and the individual fontana (fountain)!


Looks like this very cool sculpture in town is supposed to have water feature but in operation. It’s ok..still think it’s beautiful!



I think this is a bonsai citrus (Hand is for size comparison, in case you’re wondering)…may be lime or may be it’s not close to maturity…don’t know but it’s a beautiful, tiny tree!




Above is supposed be one hundred fountains in this particular design!  Magnificent!


And now it’s 2:30 and I’m famished!  No idea where to go….Sundays are awful for finding feeding in Italy!! So I check handy Google Maps for what restaurants are nearby and look what it found and I stumbled into by sheer, dumb luck!  They were packed but the owner very graciously offered me a small table which was perfect! Look at the wisteria arbor and the Greek or maybe Roman ruins in the back ground.  The restaurant is sited on the edge of a steep lush valley ….and it had a major, natural waterfall on the other side.  Heaven!!!


Tagliatelle, fresh of course, with asparagus and lamb….wonderful!  Started with Caprese With buffalo mozzarella….amazing!  Best ever!  Can you tell I was impressed?!?

I was given a ride back to the train station in restaurant’s golf cart….S.O.P.  Such a very special day and here’s the end of my day in Tivoli….

Look what was up on the hill across from the train station!



4 thoughts on “Let’s go see Villa d’Este in Tivoli!!!!!

  1. Beautiful gardens and fountains. It reminds me of my need to have the sounds of water (preferably a fountain) in or around my home vs a river running through it. ha ha

  2. Now that is an estate! that is a garden! and sometimes the “just by chance” adventures aer the best… you sure found one…. love the pics of the lunch…. so jealous…

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