Another journey begins…..

OK!. We’re on board and settled in for our flight to Milan, Italy.  One of the superb attendants comes by with the bubbly and then she returns shortly with the menu. Yes, I’ll have the filet – haven’t had a steak in ages and why not now.  Let me just jump ahead and say it was NOT a good idea because the meat was overcooked to extreme.  Just wasn’t thinking clearly.

So still on board, not moving and captain announces we have delay of about an hour.  Various techs are checking into mechanical problems. Make this short for you:  Can’t be fixed but not cancelling flight… Just pack up your stuff and let’s take a long walk to the next plane that’s ready to rocket to Italy! Yes! from planned 5:55 departure, we finally have lift off at 10:25.  Otherwise nice flight with only a few bumps in the rough air.

Milan accommodations….Really cute apartment on top floor (yes, there’s elevator!) View isn’t special but look at the age on that concrete  (below). It is a very quiet street located central to everything I’d like to see and do for this short visit… Only here 3 full days.

Check out this beautiful hand milled woodwork!. Superior design and construction.

And this is a Jacuzzi shower that has 8 body spray nozzles, one rain shower and smaller heads on each side… For what, I haven’t figured out. Oh and there’s the hand held sprayer. Circular glass enclosed.  Must say this is above average bath!

No, the next is not a photo of the bath tub!  It’s the sink which I think is about 3′ wide and 1.5′ across…. Certainly adequate for my needs.😉

Following pix are from my meandering yesterday and Sunday.  Odds and ends which I enjoyed seeing and hope you will too.

Love the juxtaposition of old/ancient buildings with   “modern” transportation.  Note the trolley electric lines overhead.  Public transport still has very efficient trolleys in Milan.  Hmmm, trolley electric overhead but now that I think about it, regular electric must be under ground! We can’t achieve that in Atlanta and we’re not protecting antiquities!

Impressive atrium.

Close up of the old beautiful buildings with trolley lines.

I think the shell curtain below hides work on an Apple installation.  Notice light structures as well as buildings old and new

Stunning Pomodoro sculpture- must be 20′ diameter.  Yummy!

Below photo has sign identifying this building as “Headquarters NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy”.  If impressive, bold buildings could deter attacks, this one should be on the front lines!  Not the Italians, just the fancy building, of course.

The following four pix are from my meandering around what must be one of the world’s most elaborate, elegant shopping arcades, the Gallerie Vittorio Emmanuelle II.  

Plenty of moderate priced and high end, branded fashion houses as well as eateries – mundane,  haughty and everything in between.

Of course, the Italian desert fav, gelato is available in multiple places.  In fact,  I watched a woman in full burka (only eyes showing) holding a half eaten gelato cone waddle quickly across my path.  She held the cone nearly fully outstretched in her right arm as she rushed off.  I continued watching her as I thought about how she would eat that cone without losing her “cover”.  Unfortunately, she disappeared further into the crowd.  Maybe she was rushing to a private place so she could finish eating.  I was tempted to follow her but discretion prevailed😇

Even with that ugly sign, this is a stellar old building!

I’ve clocked over 12 miles on foot since arrival and I’ve been in both tourist areas as week as predominately residential communities. I’m impressed with these areas of Milan.  They’re clean and even the ubiquitous dog droppings aren’t overly evident.  The streets are wide enough to get a decent perspective on the beautiful old properties.  In many of the other cities and villages I’ve visited  in Europe, the narrow streets and lanes can be constricting and limit the view of the structures. Granted, I’ve only seen a very small portion of Milan… Tomorrow will be another area of this city but I like Milan very much so far!


3 thoughts on “Another journey begins…..

  1. Oh Ria, we miss you in class, but know you are having a great time.. I’m so glad you are sharing it with us.♥️
    Carol Cottrell

  2. Interesting….you’ve wandered through my mind on occasion lately since I hadn’t seen much on Facebook about any recent adventures! I should have known one was on the horizon. Enjoy!

    Sent from my iPad


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