Last night in Milan

For this evening musings, you et an odd assortment…

Monday afternoon a sinker came over me so I yielded and came home for a nap. The nap lasted a little too long but when I awoke, I still grabbed my watercolor paints and my ink pen and dashed across the street to an interesting castle’s grounds.  I found an empty seat and worked on an ink drawing for a bit before the attendant came around scooting everyone out for closing time.  

While I sat there, I was entertained by musicians doing sound checks and a little practice on a full scale stage over in the opposing corner.  There was a fabulous trumpet player… Could have been Branford because I saw a notice, as I was leaving,  he’ll be playing there soon.  Of course his show is after I leave.

Since we’re all art critics, I’m sure you realize the proportions on the photo do not match the dimension of the postcard. It’s ok.

I’m a fan of trolleys and their tracks. There are some great ones here!

I spent most of today around the plaza of the Duomo  (major cathedral)… Best plaza I’ve visited in Italy. I like it much more than Venice or any I visited in Rome.  There are museums and shops and fab buildings and musicians and performers and not many pigeons! The Vatican needs to take a few pointers from the Milanese πŸ˜πŸ˜„

I was people watching, window shopping, museum touring and gelato eating nearly all afternoon. There were several good musicians on the plaza (piazza).

Pix from today:

The two soldiers above are carrying machine guns.  Lots of police and soldiers everywhere!

Some of the art I saw today and yesterday….

And with this happy pup, nothing more to add!


5 thoughts on “Last night in Milan

    1. Hell no!. I’m a philistine when it comes to most religious art and it was very hot and the line was looong. I missed seeing a lot in Milan… Bad planning!. Must come back when residents steer home – beautiful stylish city

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