Lake Como

NOTE….Please keep in mind, this page was written a week ago, Friday morning, August 19.  Today is August 25.  I have expectations this post will FINALLY get published, thanks to Mauro (More about him in another post). 

AND thanks for your Comments here and emails regarding my safety following news of the earthquake.  It sounds like it was bad…nearly 250 died so far…but we are safe and felt no tremors because we’re far north of the epicenter (someone said we’re over 600 km away).


I arrived in Bellagio on Lake Como early yesterday afternoon and I’m delighted with my hotel and my room. 

Look at the view ….above is from one set of doors and others are from two other sets of double doors overlooking the side views.  Yeah!
The people-watching from this vantage is really fun.  All sorts of strolling visitors, lots of different attire and languages especially during the evening. 

Sunset last night….can’t wait to paint some of these spectacular scenes!  That seaplane comes by regularly.

Last night’s after dinner stroll sculpture, the light dinner enoteca  (wine bar with limited menu), steep strolling in Bellagio and my hotel, Metropole Bellagio which looks like it’s aflame in the night!

Swan this morning… Practically right at my balcony but I couldn’t get the camera in position before it floated/paddled off a bit too far for a really good shot!  

The sun peaks through the building clouds and then the deluge at breakfast.  It poured hard for about half hour then let up so I could enjoy my next adventure…..enter the Ducatti‼️ …to be continued.

But never mind the next post….stay and enjoy this spectacular scenery! 

Did you know Mr. and Mrs George Clooney own a villa in Laglio on Lake Como? More on that in another post. Did you know Laglio means garlic in English? Do you care? 

Other worthy tidbits: Franz Liszt and his paramour stayed here at this very hotel as did Mark Twain! Of course, they had incredibly wonderful things to say about the hotel as well as the village! Actually, based on his purported writings, I think ole Marco was staying in my room! I’ll spare you the deets 😆



10 thoughts on “Lake Como

  1. Hi Ria. I am thrilled to be embarking (if only vicariously) upon another one of your wonderful trips. And will look forward to each new chapter!! Hope it is all “Fabulous”
    Sounds like a great start

  2. This location was where I wanted to go for my 60th birthday but that didn’t work out. Maybe for the next birthday. Looks beautiful. Clooney has had a place there since before he got married.

  3. Richard and I spent several days in Bellagio taking the ferries around , eating truffles, etc. It’s just gorgeous! Enjoy!

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