The DUCATI‼️‼️‼️

But above photo is how Friday August 19 started…. Deluge! My motorcycle-driving tour guide, Mauro, texted that we would start a few minutes late to let the storm move through.  That was fine with me of course… On the back of a motorcycle in a driving rain doesn’t entice😋.


Mauro picked me up at my hotel in Bellagio and we got on the ferry to cross Lake Como for a better ride down to the town of Como at the base of the Lake.  That was a very quick boat ride!


So we’re on the road but the following photos aren’t exactly in chronological order.  The house above is supposedly owned by George Clooney which Breda says he purchased when he was shooting Oceans 11 in the area….sounds plausible to me!  Would be grand to own such a property on Lake Como.

Mussolini was on his way to escaping into Austria across Lake Como when he was caught and shot on this spot.  Yep, people are leaving flowers there!

The Como Duomo (cathedral). Very nice but pales when compared against the majestic Milan Duomo.

The above and below are our meanderings around the really lovely town of Como where Mauro, my guide, was born and raised.  He’s got so much love and appreciation for his home town!  Very special 😃

Mauro at our lunch cafe in Como.  Great meal he bought for us!

Eager to get back on the bike and take more of those mountain curves!

I’m all decked out in back brace/protector, jacket with various strategic padding, gloves and of course helmet.  Mauro had asked about my size and he nailed it like seasoned tailor!

It was an amazing 7+ hours with Mauro and the beautiful red Ducati! I had a great time sitting behind a very good driver who judiciously gave me a wee taste of motorcycle speed in the curves….wwoweeee! Great fun! Just as well I didn’t have my first Ducati experience till now otherwise I might be in the next life instead! Mauro says I should just get a Vespa 😂😂😂…hmmmm – not very sexy.  No motorbikes for me… Too late in life😝😜😳🤔. But not too late to enjoy a ride or two!



5 thoughts on “The DUCATI‼️‼️‼️

  1. Great post. Made me smile. You are looking very “at home” in Italy. Mauro looks like he could be related to you in the photo next to the bike.

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