London then home. Au revoir, arrivederci, ta ta

It’s been a wonderful five weeks in Italy, France and England.  So much fun to see old friends and make new ones while having an incredible journey! I’m grateful to my core!  Thanks for joining me.

Our Delta Captain’s last flight before retirement….38 years and here are the water cannons salute for his return home to Atlanta! Double rainbows…fantastic!  Obviously this photo is out of sequence…bet you figured that out for yourself 🙄
Great London window display!
How sweet…Alison captured my spirit so well! This is her sketch from last year in Cortona! LUV!
Collage around Shakespeare Globe Theater. Alison with the orange bag waiting on me….again 😃!
Collage from our walk along the river Thames.
This young man actually jumped his bike onto that wall! Boredom creates amazing feats!
Neat bench along the Thames walk. Raining, yes, but we only had one out of 4 rain days!
Tower of London with modern tourist cruise vessel.
Battleships on view in front of London Bridge.
The cool old buildings around the site of the Sheakpeare Globe Theater.
Mark Rothko in Tate Modern – hugely wonderful!
Alison and I walked across the Millennium Bridge from our side to the Tate Modern! Great day!
Close up to check hair, teeth, eyes, skin tone, etc! What a silly selfie in Covent Garden!
Covent Garden, as it looks today….tourist waste land, pretty much. Once was stalls of local merchandise and produce.
Yeow!….what find! FIVE, count’em!
How cool…Kings College London!
Alison in front of our building on The Kings Wardrobe buildings. Before the Great Fire (1666) which destroyed the pre-existing warehouses, the clothing and costumes of the King were stored and administered and maintained here.
The Barrister is recording history, obviously! Or getting ready to enter the pub more likely!
Charging Cross…had to add if only for the famous name! Of course the curious car is interesting too.
Now does this gentle-looking soul appear as though he might use that automatic gun on anyone?!?
Horse Guard….picture of patience and anachronism!
Royal Horse Guards Parade, I think! Skies looking soooo London-ish!
Compare Sargent to this David Hockney….what a difference! Like them both!
A John Singer Sargent at Tate Britain! YUM!
Getting closer look at a Rodin….don’t want to get toooo close, might reach out and grab him!
One of the Barristers glaming for the papparazzi!
Royal Court of Justice…impressive building and title.
Neat night shot with moon, London Bridge, modern buildings, lighted bridge in foreground.  Thanks to Alison for this great snap.
Dinner our first night in London….again, Alison nails it! Yummy lobster!
Enjoy that sunset over the City!
Beautiful shot of the Cathedral by Alison!
Partying in the street ’cause they smoke when they drink and no smoking inside. Going to get reeeeal uncomfortable as winter approaches!
Two Official guides around The Cathedral – neither of whom spoke English as first language! They love their jobs and love their new country!
St. Paul’s Cathedral with double decker bus – our neighborhood ! Great location…well done Alison!
Roberto is buying an Alpha Romeo and so excited he is! Found this sign for him….”ALPHA ROMEO PARKING ONLY”
Me with my chic Desaquales scarf…sooo soooo! 😆😜❣️In front of our Kings Wardrobe unit.
Me with the “Button Society” representatives outside Covent Garden.  The society collects for charities. Quite the get-ups they had each made from buttons! What a hoot!
High tea and hiding! What a feast overlooking the Thames!
Group photo from our delish tea!
Guess who?

3 thoughts on “London then home. Au revoir, arrivederci, ta ta

  1. R.. What a great Summer you have had. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.
    You are a great story teller, photographer and artist… can’t wait to see some of
    your works influenced by your tavels. Well done, lady.. well done! C.B.

  2. Nice pics of “The Smoke” especially The Globe theatre – bet they don’t have musicals there!

    A few points of interest –

    The pictured train station is Charing Cross not Charging Cross.

    Covent Garden market still exists but they moved it to another area south of the river and called it New Covent Garden (original!) It’s the largest fruit, veg and flower market in the UK.

    The battleship at Tower Bridge is HMS Belfast from WW2.

    When the Millennium foot bridge first opened it became unstable as people walked across and was called the “Wobbly Bridge”. It was closed, after the first day, for two years for modifications!

    The red phone boxes are a rarity these days. You can buy them for a small charge. I have a friend who has one in his garden. He also has a red post box and occasionally people post letters in it!

    People stand outside pubs in the street smoking and drinking even in the middle of winter – city workers are a hardy lot!

    The “Button Society” people are actually called Pearly Kings & Queens – mother of pearl buttons.


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